A house full of designers,
developers and strategists


A value system that proves itself.

Multidisciplinarity is our guarantee for success. For us. For the project. For innovation. HYVE distinguishes itself through depth, quality and versatility, through multi-facetted design and multi-dimensional innovation.




Creative Spirit




It takes bravery to break new ground and take on new paths, leading to radical innovation.


The creative minds that make it possible

Market and futurologists, service designers, data analysts, AI experts, business strategists and consultants, entrepreneurs, digital professionals, product and industry designers, method experts who are passionate about innovation.

fueller johann

Prof. Dr. Johann Füller

CEO & Managing Director Füll das Glas GmbH



christoph janach

Christoph Janach

Innovation Consultant

stadler dorothee

Dorothée Stadler

Team Lead Innovation Research

hermann susanne

Susanne Hermann

Graphic Designer

maric ana

Ana Maric

Executive Assistant

casper contance

Constance Casper

Senior Innovation Researcher

kroeger niclas

Niclas Kröger

Team Lead Crowdsourcing

karlotta kutscher

Karlotta Kutscher

Business Development Associate

beer andreas

Andreas Beer

Managing Director

staude achim

Achim Staude

Innovation Designer

bogner rebekka

Rebekka Bogner

Innovation Consultant Associate

lammel zarah

Zarah Lammel

Junior Innovation Consultant

alina joerissen

Alina Joerissen

Senior Product Designer

Ana Suárez

UI developer

richter johannes

Johannes Richter

HYVE Crowd Business Development

lopez carlos

Carlos Lopez

Software Developer

koch giordano

Dr. Giordano Koch

Managing Director

sperlich verena

Verena Sperlich

Senior Service Designer

Frank Ehnes

Lead Concept & Industrial Design

baar nicolas

Nicolas Baar

Innovation Consultant

schneider irina

Irina Schneider

Senior Innovation Researcher

lemmer sandra

Dr. Sandra Lemmer

Content Marketing, Executive Assistant to Prof. Dr. Johann Füller

geuder philipp

Philipp Geuder

UX/UI Designer

schicht manfred

Manfred Schicht


schwarz gerd

Gerd Schwarz

Managing Director

eder philipp

Philip Eder

Innovation Consultant

stich felix

Felix Stich

Innovation Consultant

pauly laura

Laura Pauly

HR & Project Manager

jawecki gregor

Dr. Gregor Jawecki

Managing Director

celano jose

Jose Celano

Managing Director & Software Developer

loos minerva

Minerva Loos

UX Design & Research

maier michael

Michael Maier

Managing Director HYVE Austria

laarman felix

Felix Laarman

Innovation Designer

dittrich lukas

Lukas Dittrich

Innovation Consultant

schuetze anna

Anna Schütze

Service Design Associate

dorr heidi

Heidi Dorr

HR Manager

guerra cristina

Cristina Guerra

UX/UI Designer


Average age

laar franziska

Franziska Laar

Junior UX/UI Designer

hanisch ludwig

Ludwig Hanisch

Innovation Consultant

bosse constantin

Constantin Bosse

Innovation Consultant

schmidt michael

Michael Schmidt

CEO & Managing Director ICAROS GmbH

graf isabel

Isabel Graf

Marketing & Communications

bailo jose

Jose Bailo

Software Developer

Miguel Sánchez

Software developer

bilgram volker

Dr. Volker Bilgram

Managing Director

tredez vincent

Vincent Tredez

Innovation Designer

jamard aurelie

Aurélie Jamard

Senior Innovation Strategist


Crowd Members

fernandez magdalena

Magdalena Fernandez


bartl michael

Dr. Michael Bartl

CEO & Managing Director TAWNY GmbH

kegel daniel

Daniel Kegel

Senior Product Designer

li rouxin

Rouxin Li

UX & Strategy Research

buettner sophie

Sophie Büttner

Innovation Researcher Associate

valverde fernando

Fernando Valverde

UX/UI Designer

Eric Maag

Software developer

marchuk anna

Anna Marchuk

Team Lead Service Design

misera hanna

Hanna Misera

Innovation Consultant

erkin aras

Dr. Aras Erkin

Innovation Consultant

kemmeter katharina

Katharina Kemmetter


richter daniel

Daniel Richter

Team Lead Digital Design & Testing

kordic niko

Niko Kordic

Team Assistant & Receptionist

holguin andrea

Andrea Barth

Graphic Designer

torres fernando

Fernando Torres

Software Developer

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