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Innovation strategy is part of the corporate strategy, and orchestrates the strategic alignment of all innovation processes. It defines all the activities and goals that a company wants to implement in order to develop innovative products, new business areas and more effective processes in the long term.

Strategic Foresight

Want to take the lead in shaping the future of your industry? Discover how Strategic Foresight gives your organization a competitive edge. Our expert team uses advanced analysis and scenario planning methods to help you identify opportunities, mitigate risks, and create a future-proof strategy. Learn more and unlock your organization’s full future potential.

Innovation Strategy Consulting

HYVE offers comprehensive consulting services in the field of innovation strategy, innovation management, and empowerment. Our experts support companies in developing and implementing forward-thinking concepts and business models. Learn more about our tailor-made solutions and benefit from our extensive expertise in digital transformation. Let’s write your success story together

Innovation Coaching & Education

An innovation strategy gets even stronger, if the management, entire teams and individual employees are trained and motivated to work in an agile manner. Depending on the objective, an innovation strategy results in a better innovation process or clearer tasks and responsibilities. Innovation Coaching teaches the various advantages of different innovation strategies and enables you to choose the most suitable strategy for your corporate to secure competitive advantages!

Corporate Venture Building

Discover how to accelerate your corporate innovation journey with our joint Venture Building services with our partner Pioneers. Our comprehensive approach covers the main building blocks of successful venture building: Designing Corporate Venture Studios and Building Corporate Ventures. Let us guide you through the process and help you build a sustainable innovation ecosystem for your organization. Learn more about Corporate Venture Building with HYVE and Pioneers

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