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The innovation strategy is part of the corporate strategy, and orchestrates the strategic alignment of all innovation processes. It defines all the activities and goals that a company wants to implement in order to develop innovative products, new business areas and more effective processes in the long term.

Innovation Strategy & Management Consulting

Innovation strategy is not only about innovation tactics, such as setting an idea challenge, but rather about mapping the organization’s mission, vision, and value proposition for defined customer markets. A strategy paves the way for innovation performance and defines innovation success by simplifying and structuring innovation work to achieve the best possible outcome. Depending on your current setup, we can support you with one-day innovation strategy workshops to guide your team towards the right direction, or we can design entire innovation strategy programs for  you.

Innovation Coaching & Education

Parallel to the innovation strategy, the management, whole teams and individual employees are trained or motivated to work in an agile manner. Depending on the objective, an innovation strategy results in a better innovation process or clearer tasks and responsibilities. Innovation Coaching teaches the various advantages of different innovation strategies and enables you to choose the most suitable strategy for your corporate to secure competitive advantages!

Business Model Prototyping

A successful Business Model enabeIs companies to create, deliver and capture value. In order to stay hypercompetitive, organizations have to prototype different Business Models on a regular basis. To do this, it is a good start to know the stakeholders, the project environment and the value proposition and to iteratively test and validate a business model through targeted customer engagement.

Innovative Workshops

Our formats are as diverse as our clients. Through empowerment labs, we enable entire organizations and teams to think and act innovatively and to carry their newly acquired knowledge into the company. Depending on the objective, our innovation experts design a custom-fit format for your challenge, including appropriate methodology and training.

Company & Startup Building

In order to lead your innovations to sustainable success, we help you place them in your company’s ecosystem or spin them off into independent ventures. In doing so, our innovation strategists develop and pursue a holistic concept that includes all relevant dimensions of a spin-off – from the required team structure, to production design, to the communication plan.

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