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Elevate idea and innovation processes in corporates

A modern innovation management process forms the basis for all your innovation activities. From the first step of defining and mapping (strategic) search fields, the systematic integration of trends, to technology assessments and the documentation of relevant user needs.

Different activating formats such as idea campaigns, competitions or testing activities can be used and mapped within or across various organizational units. A wide range of flexible evaluation tools helps you to allocate your budget to the right ideas. Dashboards help innovation managers to actively manage their innovation process and to proactively set accents throughout the organization.

Innovation management software tailored to the process enables the innovation process to be digital, remote, transparent and measurable. This approach requires structured planning and the commitment of all relevant stakeholders throughout the organization. We accompany our customers on their Innovation Journey with the right software, the appropriate methods and coaching of the users – from the first search field to the successful implementation of an innovation management process.

Define Search Fields

Managing Trends, Startups & Technologies

Find Ideas & Solutions

Build Communities

Realize Innovation

Involve Management

Define Search Fields

Derive search fields from the innovation strategy


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Innovationmanagement Services

HYVE supports the implementation of the innovation management software with a holistic approach. In addition to the mere software implementation, this offers further supporting services that are relevant for the success of the overall project.

1. Innovation Process & Innovation Management Software Consulting


An analysis of the current situation of the innovation process in the company provides an initial overview and lays the foundation for the configuration of software. Likewise, an evaluation of current software tools is collected.

Process design

The process is designed with the help of an innovation blueprint. In this phase, we support you in selecting the right innovation management software.


We implement new & customized innovation processes including configuration and implementation of the innovation management software. In doing so, we draw on “best practice” innovation processes and adapt them to the conditions in the company.

2. Campaign Planning

Topic Framing

In a joint workshop at our customers’ premises, the strategic innovation fields are developed, the customer-specific topics are identified and prioritized, and a topic for the first pilot campaign is selected.

Stakeholder Management

We guide our client to integrate key stakeholders (C-Level) into the process. We introduce key stakeholders to the platform and the new processes to ensure that they recognize their important role as facilitator & motivator in the process.

Incentive & Activation Strategy

An incentive strategy tailored to the topic and objective is developed and relevant communities are activated.

3. Campaign Execution

Community Management

During the live phase of a campaign, HYVE community experts moderate the activities on the platform.

We accompany community management workshops with our customers to train everyone involved in using the platform and processes.

Communication & Activation

We create communication campaigns for our clients tailored to their channels. We also design all relevant platform and communication products such as texts, mailings, videos, initial ideas and inspirations for the platform. A uniform communication ensures a high recognition value of your campaign and thus more interaction by your employees.

Idea Assessment

We moderate the idea assessment to identify the best ideas and turn them into concrete concepts. The ideas pre-selected by the expert assessment and the HYVE idea evaluation process are presented in the jury circle, the ideas are discussed and their potential for further development is evaluated. HYVE summarizes all results in a comprehensive report for you.

Hackathons & Jams

Planning and execution of 2–3-day innovation formats during and after a campaign.

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Innovation Labs & Intrapreneuership Programs

Embedding an innovation campaign in more comprehensive innovation formats such as innovation labs or intrapreneurship programs


HYVE Innovation Labs

Product Development Sprints

Further support or implementation of product development project (digital solutions and/or physical products).

Product development sprints


Ideas and innovation management has a long tradition at HYVE. In 2005 HYVE released its own developed software: HYVE IdeaNet, a collaboration platform for various innovation drivers. Likewise, the HYVE Crowd is one of HYVE’s success stories. With over 98,000 members, the crowdsourcing platform is used by companies in various phases of the innovation process, e.g., to find new ideas for application areas of their technologies.

For over 16 years we have been working with and on innovation and idea management platforms. With our many years of experience we adapt the platform specifications exactly to the needs of our customers and support our customers with our know-how.

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How to choose the right tool?

We would be happy to discuss with you which tool offers you the most added value and fits your innovation strategy.

We have been working closely with HYPE Innovation for many years and are certified HYPE Implementation Developers. HYPE is Europe’s leading platform for innovation management and offers a software solution that helps decision makers to integrate employees, customers and partners in their innovation process. HYPE thereby enables companies to generate additional revenue, increase efficiency and motivate and connect employees. You too can benefit from our partnership with HYPE and our innovation management expertise!

innosabi is one of the leading providers of technology for innovation management. With innosabi’s software, we connect people, ideas and data to drive innovation and enable the transformation of culture and processes. Together, we offer a limited trial to experience this new format first-hand. Or, as we like to call it, a “Test Drive”

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