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Together, we strategically design your future business

We strategically design your organization to empower the new by helping you define the right innovation strategy, find methods and tools that work for you and ultimately become your own motor of ongoing innovation.

Meet our innovation strategy specialists

fueller johann

Johann Füller

#AI #entrepreneurship #clevelcoaching #businessincubator

Johann is the founder and owner of HYVE and combines hands-on experience in building and managing innovation organizations across various industries with scientific expertise from years of top-level research. He is Professor for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at University of Innsbruck. Johann specializes in the areas of Innovation Strategies, Corporate Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation, as well as C-level coaching and empowerment. Amongst others, he has successfully spun off several startups with InnCubator, joolia and MyEier.

koch giordano

Giordano Koch

#innovationstrategy #digitalinnovation #innovationtransformation

Giordano heads the innovation consulting practices at HYVE and is an expert in developing innovation strategy, designing innovation organizations and driving innovation initiatives. He focuses specifically on Finance, Retail, and the Industrial Production industries. Besides that, he is closely linked to several startups in the digital field, like HomeFox and teaches at several Universities.

bilgram volker

Volker Bilgram

#cocreation #leanstartup #AIbasedinnovation

Volker is an expert for designing innovation strategies, innovation organizations and pushes the boundaries specifically in the field of AI and Innovation. He has designed successful innovation organizations and processes with clients from the Automotive, FMCG, and Food industries. Volker has published award-winning research on new innovation methodologies and is constantly bringing them to industry projects, together with our customers.

jawecki gregor

Gregor Jawecki

#openinnovation #innovationmethods #innovationempowerment

Gregor has been successfully implementing new innovation approaches and methodologies with our clients to create the most user-centric concepts possible. He is an expert in user-centric innovation management with a special focus on setting up the fuzzy frontend of innovation, including technology and trend scouting. With his competencies, Gregor has successfully consulted and accompanied clients from FMCG, Home Appliances, Healthcare, Energy & Utilities and the tech sector.

Discover how we can support you

1. Find suitable Innovation Strategies, Search Fields & Opportunities

We develop innovation strategies that define the  positioning of your innovation management. That way your innovation organization can focus on the right future challenges and set the right priorities for its innovation activities.

We offer a status quo analysis to  create a holistic picture of the strategic positioning. We consider various aspects such as corporate strategy, trends & technologies, market & customer insights, and regulatory & governmental boundary conditions.   

We use different analytical and data-driven assessment methods, stakeholder interviews, insights through best practice and aggregate the results within a gap-analysis.

As an outcome, we generate a common understanding, align all relevant stakeholder with the process, and define potential fields of developement.

We support you in filling the identified gaps to understand your future innovation potential. In order to find a substantial decision basis. we work with trend/tech research, customer studies, market or competitor analyses, and regulatory evaluations. Ideally, we run those sprint based deep dives in a co-creation mode together with your teams. In addition, we grant access to supportive databases, trend/tech and startup platforms, and our network.

As an outcome we generate an insightful foundation on which we build the innovation strategy and related search fields.

Based on the insights gained, we design the innovation strategy with a clear vision but also with specific search fields. Both will give the organization (e.g. different business units) the necessary focus. In addition, the innovation strategy can also support in defining budgets, responsibilities, KPIs and evaluation criterias.

As an outcome we develop a mutual innovation vision, create future scenarios, with an underlying innovation strategy, detailed search fields and if already possible a portfolio of linked innovation opportunities.

2. Designing Innovation Organizations, Processes and Supporting Tools

Setting up the innovation organization the right way is essential for your future performance. We help you design your innovation management, including processes, tools, as well as budget allocation and success measurement. Another key success factor is to install the necessary roles and responsibilities with adequate skills/competencies to reach your innovation goals.

Before setting up or re-designing your innovation organization, we want to understand how things are being done currently and how you define your innovation ambitions. To get a better understanding of your situation, we engage in stakeholder interviews, review documents and past projects and share relevant best practice examples with you. We provide tailored co-creation formats for different corporate levels including special C-level activities to ensure a joint understanding, clear roles and aligned expectations.

As an outcome we frame your ambition for the innovation organization and develop an in-depth analysis of your current innovation management including strengths and weaknesses.

The development of a blueprint serves as the first prototype of the desired outcome. Depending on your specific needs, an innovation blueprint typically includes the following dimensions:

  • Alignment with the innovation strategy
  • Definition of the innovation organization
  • Deduction of relevant roles and responsibilities
  • Innovation processes incl. potential innovation management systems
  • Decision-making mechanisms incl. KPIs and related evaluation criteria
  • Budget allocation
  • Different interface definition to other corporate processes and functions

After agreeing on the first blueprint, we test and learn in first pilot projects. Therefore, we apply the blueprint logic in selected projects to make the aspired structure tangible and testable. Meanwhile, we constantly integrate learnings to improve the quality of the outcome and enrich the blueprint.

This approach allows us to switch quite fast form concept work to iterative process optimizations. Further, we build fast project lighthouses which typically serve as strong arguments for the initiated change.

We accompany the initial pilot project with different change-related activities including a focus on communication, commitment building as well as community creation.

3. Initiating Change: Empowerment, Culture & Mindsets

We enable organizations to become more innovative. We implement this through moderation, learning materials, change activities and ideally by running pilot projects in close collaboration with our clients.

Innovation thrives with collaboration, exchange and feedback. To establish an open innovation culture, we rely on communication, continuous involvement and thus community building. Through a collaborative approach a lot of stories are written and content is generated during the innovation process, which can be shared with internal, but also external target groups via different communication channels.

Innovation blogs, podcasts, learning groups, workshops or more C-level oriented formats support to steadily build a new innovation culture.

Successful change management in the area of innovation requires both rapid success at the project level, and opportunities for employees to quickly identify with the learnings and actively apply them. Both can be achieved through pilot projects.

Therefore, after a short conception phase, we always try to quickly get into the output-oriented working mode. We either provide coaches and innovation consultants or educate the teams with specialist skills. In this setup, the goal is to apply and test the blueprint and to familiarize the teams with the methods, tools, processes, etc., and to deliver the first project success.

Organizational Learning is an important aspect of every innovation strategy. New trends, technologies, customer behavior, methods, tools or market developments must constantly be tracked.

Companies should therefore provide personal growth paths for their employees. This is where innovation management offers great potential. Starting from trainings, webinars, scientific studies up to coached project work, or even completely new challenges like corporate venturing etc. HYVE offers a variety of approaches and solutions to enable organization-wide growth.

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HYVE combines in a unique way strategic and organizational innovation services with execution-oriented capabilities to support innovation projects. Thereby, innovation strategies and innovation architectures are established, which can then be applied immediately in projects. Our approach has been developed together with the scientific community and is constantly being refined in dialogue with world-leading universities: Visit HYVE Science Lab.

In addition, we strongly believe in innovation ecosystems and offer access to partners like innovation management software providers, trend and technology scouting platforms, and specialized industry or topic partners. We see ourselves as an innovation consulting boutique with an integrated innovation agency, providing all necessary skills and capabilities to support our clients along the entire innovation process.