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Using proven methods of market research, customer and user research, we have developed a unique approach to better understand customer decision-making and uncover user needs.


Deep dive and discover user worlds

With more and more consumers gathering in the digital world, the traditional ethnography has extended to the Net – from which HYVE’s long-standing and proven approach of “Netnography” has evolved.

By immersing oneself in online consumer dialog a deep understanding of consumer behavior can be gained. This empathic and passive online observation of consumer dialog in open online communities, forums and blogs is especially useful in the early stages of the innovation process. For this process, HYVE has developed a systematic approach to uncovering, clustering and decrypting user content.


“Hear it firsthand from your users”

Whether it takes place on site or remotely: Interviews are an important part of consumer & market research and a foundation for any customer-centric project.

Interviews are a fast way to gain in-depth insights or direct, spontaneous feedback on initial ideas. When done in-house, they provide an additional layer of understanding thanks to contextual information and help understand the bigger picture. Stakeholders can attend them and hear it firsthand from their users, creating a long-lasting impact on the project.

Interviews can be designed to explore a topic and/or test ideas. They can also include valuable observation. Inviting participants with a special skillset such as Lead Users, Trend Receivers or industry experts can be used to predict the future.

Trend & Desk Research

“Monitor innovations in the making”

Desk research can be applied to various fields, from market data’s to competitors’ and trends’ analysis. At HYVE we call it scouting and we go well beyond these common fields while always including the user perspective.

HYVE is particularly experienced in some of them, such as trend scouting for future scenario development, patent scouting and technology scouting for the design of new products and services, and scouting crowdsourcing websites to keep the pulse on current and future user-centric innovations.

Track trends in innovative fields and better predict the future, especially when combined with Trend Receiver research. Understand where the market is headed, what moves competitors are planning to make, but also how this translates in terms of user perceptions and adoption. Uncover new opportunities to innovate.

Future Scenario Planning

“Be visionary and take a look into the future.”

A futurecasting workshop is a moderated session that is aimed at analyzing future scenarios, understanding the “worlds of the future” and envisioning the role of the company in those future worlds. A futurecasting workshop is based on insights from research with lead users or trend receiver, as well as thorough trend analysis. This approach makes it possible to foresee user needs 3, 5 or 10 years ahead.

Futurecasting or foresighting helps you to envision the future with the purpose of creating a strategy and/or developing new products or services that will meet the needs of the users in the future. This collaborative and user-centric approach de-risks the development of innovations.


Visual & Communication Design

Ideas can be represented and communicated graphically in the creative process. Visualization turns a formulated idea into a tangible image. Our designers create concepts and translate them into visual form to communicate and create products that engage, inform, entertain and inspire people. They create layouts or electronic displays and coordinate the production and implementation of your designs.

Our graphic design deals with composition and layout organization of your text and images. While illustrations are about creative visual interpretation, graphic designs focus on communicating with your target audience. Have your event recorded in real time in clear and concise drawings. Our visual recordings are not just graphic logs of your event, but storytelling. Processes, complex contents and results of your workshop are graphically recorded in a comprehensible way; a protocol in visualizations and images is created.

Robert Kozinets visited us in Munich and talked about his latest book “Netnography: The Essential Guide”.
Dorothée Stadler is an expert in future scenario planning. This webinar is only available in German. Please get in touch for English material.

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Our work is not only user-centric, we are also client-centric. Because every client is at the heart of what we do. Together, we create solutions that people need and love.

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