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Start by using interviews and testing early in your innovation process. When it comes to product and service development, interviews and testing are crucial tools for user and market research – whether conducted on-site or remotely. Interviews offer great in-depth insights and direct feedback on hypotheses and ideas. Using prototypes, you can show your users concepts early in the innovation process, allowing you to test and validate hypotheses before diving into implementation. This ensures that the innovation process is streamlined and always remains user-focused.

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Explorative Interviews

Interviews help to bring external perspectives into the creative process. At the beginning of a project, exploratory interviews can leverage the creative power of users and their first-hand experience. Interview sessions with key stakeholders ensure that all relevant perspectives are known from the start. Doing so allows everyone to start on the same page and shape the development process together. Inviting participants with particular skill sets, such as lead users, trend receivers, or industry experts, can provide in-depth and cross-industry insights that form the basis for research formats like Future Foresight.

“Validate your ideas with real users”

Prototyping & Testing

How can you make sure your products or services truly meet the needs and expectations of your target audience? Testing your offering with real users can provide valuable insights into their behaviour and preferences. This helps you identify any potential issues or areas for improvement early on, which reduces the need for costly and time-consuming adjustments later in the process.

At HYVE, we use testing to gather dedicated feedback on different aspects of your offering. We build digital prototypes to test the usability and look and feel of digital products. Physical prototypes are used to get feedback on aspects like ergonomics and appearance of physical products. Even if not all of the parts are ready yet, concepts should be tested, and we can do this by using the “Wizard of Oz” method and simulating the relevant aspects.

Moreover, our testing methods enable you to evaluate your concepts and prototypes in a natural context, whether that’s in users’ homes or online. This can help you identify potential breakpoints in the user journey and between touchpoints, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable user experience. By creating a more holistic experience, you can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

"Get to know your users for real"

In-home Interviews

Conducting interviews at participants’ homes provides our researchers with valuable contextual information, leading to a deeper understanding of the bigger picture. We can tailor interviews to explore specific topics or test ideas, depending on the project stage. Shadowing allows us to observe users in their natural environment, gaining insight into daily routines and motivations. Follow-up tasks and questions uncover additional insights and enable a comprehensive project exploration. Can stakeholders attend interviews? Absolutely! Hearing users’ voices firsthand can have a fundamental impact a project’s direction and product strategy.

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Remote Testing & Interviews

Online interviews are an efficient way to evaluate ideas throughout during the innovation process. Their incredibly flexible setup enables us to reach users regardless of location, profession, or language preference. This means remote interviews can be iteratively included in the innovation process, ensuring the project remains user-centered. Structured as open conversations, online interviews provide valuable insight into users’ goals, motivations, and needs. Alternatively, they can be used to present stimuli and material to interviewees in order to evaluate specific concepts and ideas.

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Our work is not only user-centric, we are also client-centric. Because every client is at the heart of what we do. Together, we create solutions that people need and love.

HYVE provided both – the expertise and passion – to deliver new, valuable insights about our existing and future users.

Julien Donguy, Operations Home Connect