Diving Deep into the Consumer's World


What is Netnography?

Feeling stuck in the innovation process? Looking to get valuable insights into your consumers´ minds? Netnography is a qualitative research approach that can help. Our experienced researchers observe and analyze consumer dialog in online communities, giving you a better understanding of your target market. This allows you to understand consumers´ needs, wishes, experiences, motivations, attitudes, and perceptions. By empathic and non-obtrusive immersion, Netnography captures peoples’ true, unadorned emotional world, as well as their natural behavior.

What can you expect from our Netnography?

Solid and Inspirational Results

While containing a wealth of facts and a solid base, our final report will also allow you to immerse yourself in the consumer world, make you feel like a part of it, and provide fresh ideas.

Actionable Opportunity Areas

Consumer insights are used to uncover opportunity areas, which can serve as a starting point and provide first guidance for moving forward with your innovation process.

Empathic Visualizations

Original graphical visualizations capture all insights in a memorable way. This draws viewers into the consumer´s world and helps companies build further activities on Netnography results.

What makes our Netnography special?

Leader in Netnography

Created by Humans

Context-rich Understanding

Unbiased Insights

Fresh Market Perspectives

Tribes & Personas

Being a pioneer in Netnography, we use a tried and tested 5-step process based in more than 15 years of expertise. We collaborate closely with our clients and apply ethical principles throughout our consumer research to ensure best results.

Are you interested in Netnography?

How does a Netnography work?


Research Definition

Getting a mutual understanding of problems and challenges is the first step.  In close interaction with our client, we define relevant research fields to explore the topic of interest. This initial frame will guide the research throughout the Netnography by providing an overview of all relevant topics and connections between them.


Community Selection

We identify online communities, forums and blogs where consumers actively discuss the topic of interest. Several key communities are then selected for further data analysis based on criteria such as size, quality of content and activity level. We look for dialogue that goes beyond simple “likes”, is rich in context, and thus provides much deeper insights and understanding of consumers and their daily lives. The selection considers various target groups and sub-topics.


Qualitative Data Analysis

Our experienced researchers use a systematic approach to cluster and analyze relevant user postings. Our flexible set up allows us to adjust the research direction if unexpected topics arise during an analysis. We involve you, as our client, throughout the process to prioritize the most interesting and relevant areas, as well as to provide space for a deep dive into specific topics.


Insight Generation

Together with you, we aggregate and interpret our findings from the qualitative content analysis in workshop sessions to derive meaningful consumer insights. A creative and empathetic storyline make it easy to understand the results and share them with others. HYVE brings together design wizards, researchers, industry and innovation experts under one roof. This allows us to tailor the presentation of results to your needs. Close interaction with you throughout the process ensures inspiring and outstanding results.


Derivation of Opportunity Areas

Further assessment of the study results gives us a solid foundation for developing innovation and go-to market strategies, and allows us to work on the derivation of actionable opportunity areas. Thus, opportunity areas are the next step in moving from today’s solution to a vision of future.

How can Netnography help your business?

Continue with us: Complement Netnography with other formats

Continue with the insights from your Netnography and take advantage of our interdisciplinary expertise to move forward with your innovation goals. We can support you with:

Online Research Communities: Set a Focus

Explore the consumer worlds even further and challenge the insights you’ve uncovered. Our moderated ORC format allows you to test your ideas, explore opportunities, or collect additional feedback from selected participants.

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Consumer Interviews: Investigate Further

You want to learn more about consumer groups that have been identified during the Netnography? HYVE can support you to find interview participants, conduct interviews with them and analyze the results.

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Ideation Workshop: Move Towards Solutions

Convert your Netnography results into innovative solutions. Our interdisciplinary team has successfully co-created product ideas, innovation strategies, and entire business models. Let´s take the next step!

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Learn more about Netnography

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