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Innovation Labs

The Innovation Lab is a multi-faceted and highly content-rich six to eight week program containing education sequences, working and coaching sessions. This approach is suitable for established companies, large corporations as well as (corporate) start-ups who want to undergo the innovation process together with HYVE.

Innovation Labs are an agile and user centered tool to improve business modeling and find solutions for disruptive challenges of the digital age. This technology-driven approach starts with an iteration of already given as well as newly generated needs, ideas and concepts. Based on this, a business model, prototype or minimum viable product, possibly validated with customer tests, is being developed. Inspiration is gained by external speakers, HYVE coaches who are experts in triggering creative potentials and the cross-functional collaboration. Participating parties are newly formed teams of talented employees of your company, supported and guided by

HYVE. The role of HYVE is to ensure a climate aside of the typical entrepreneurial environment, an effective work mode, handle team dynamics, as well as to integrate valuable players of the company’s ecosystem and customers in the agile structured innovation process.

The Innovation lab provides an established entrepreneurial mindset and working mode within your employee base. Your employees learn how to build, test and implement solutions, but also how to co-create in self-formed teams.

At the end of the program, within our inspiring location “Haus der Innovation” in Munich, several options may be useful to deepen and implement the generated solution. In this respect, HYVE offers support as incubator and start-up builder, to develop the product or service or connect them to the HYVE Open Innovation Ecosystem.

Expected Outcome & Benefits

  • Agile and user-centric innovation processes
  • Leverage and advance the company’s internal creative power for specific goals of your organization
  • Transfer HYVE’s competences in innovation research, ideation, design, prototyping to own innovations
  • Faster identification and development of solutions for concrete issues
  • Integration of key customers and valuable players to create a digital innovation ecosystem
  • Generate relevant insights about customers, technologies, market, competitors, society, and trends
  • At least one new or improved business model, prototype or minimum viable product, possible validation via customer tests, is developed
  • Companies can directly experience the „HYVE Spirit“
  • Vibrant, collaborative and innovation-active company culture
  • Trigger creativity and inspiration (e.g. entrepreneurial climate)
  • Support and guidance by HYVE to leverage the process and an effective working style
  • Establish an entrepreneurial mindset within your employee base
  • Your employees learn how to co-create in self-formed teams, build, test and implement solutions
  • Follow-up opportunities to make the most of the created solutions, offered by HYVE

Our Approach

Structured Innovation Process

Innovation Labs are a structured way to leverage your diverse innovation goals. Starting with the setup of your specific program, the first phase is to learn about needs, customers, technologies, market, competitors, society, or trends and prioritize them. These are used in the following extensive ideation phase to find innovative or improved products, services, processes, or the business logic. At the end of the six to eight week program, solutions are deepened and validated with 3D prototypes, model development and topped with a realization planning.

HYVE Guidance, Training and Support

HYVE is your partner to guide the Innovation Lab. HYVE coaches steer creativity and entrepreneurial dynamics towards the specific goals of your organization. Our extensive experience can trigger an effective, vivid cross-functional co-creation, an entrepreneurial culture, as well as an integration of relevant players and customers. Besides training your employees how to build, test and implement solution, we also pass on our knowledge on how to work collaboratively on creative tasks.


HYVE Innovation Labs captivate with their agile process. This includes the integration of customers and relevant players in the company’s environment. Further, insights and needs are iteratively matched with the solution development and validated via different channels. Thus, it is achieved to integrate different perspectives and goals.

HYVE modular approach

HYVE offers a modular, full-service approach. Your desired innovation goals can either involve core, adjacent, or radical innovations. To further enhance creativity, different innovation foci can be set (e.g. insights, ideas, entrepreneurship, corporate venture team building, education, innovation factory). Further diverse project attributes may be chosen flexibly, including the location, project branding, degree of guidance and openness, desired output, length.


  • Perfected agile, structured innovation processes
  • Experience in operating Innovation Labs for various industries, companies and goals
  • Best Practices with companies like HypoVereinsbank, LV1871, Red Bull
  • Full-service-provider: Holistic end-to-end innovation capabilities, including software, design, community, and implementation skills
  • Skilled innovation coaches who guide and support the Innovation Lab
  • Specialist in enabling an creative, effective, collaborative and entrepreneurial working style
  • Modular features to design the HYVE Innovation Lab according to special corporate goals
  • Post-workshop training for keeping the entrepreneurial culture in the company and enabling employees to further generate and implement solutions
  • HYVE’s 16 year experience in innovation methods, data science, ideation, prototyping
  • Location HYVE „Haus der Innovation“ (Creative working space)
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