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Netnography Insights 2019-06-26T14:59:19+00:00

Harnessing the power and creativity of online communities.

Consumer Insights through Netnography

Netnography [interNET & ethNOGRAPHY] is a social listening method used to empathically analyze consumer conversations in social media and online communities. By immersing ourselves in the consumers’ conversations, we dive deep into consumers’ needs, wishes, underlying motivations and routines to uncover meaningful and context-rich insights. Building on the profound understanding of your consumers, we derive innovation opportunities and stimuli to trigger and guide your innovation process.

Expected Outcome & Benefits

  • Identify fresh and relevant consumer insights and unknown need gaps to kick-start your innovation process.
  • Gain a deep and context-rich understanding of consumers by immersing yourself into thousands of extensive consumer conversations.
  • Get answers without asking questions by unobtrusively listening to consumers.

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