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The one-stop shop for innovation

We are an interdisciplinary innovation agency that supports companies in accelerating their ability to innovate products, services, business models or their corporate culture.

We have been shaping the innovation landscape since the year 2000. With more than 4,000 innovation projects, we have the necessary expertise to meet all our clients’ challenges end-2-end.

In doing so, we do not only rely on our methodological expertise, but also on our pioneering role in the use of technologies such as artificial intelligence.

Our ecosystem of innovation experts, clients and partners, our in-house start-ups and network of universities offers a versatile pool of expertise to guarantee successful innovation.

Explore customer needs & innovation opportunities

We uncover insights from clients, markets, technologies and future trends and unlock new innovation opportunities.

Using proven methods of market research, customer and user research, we have developed a unique approach to better understand customer decision-making and uncover user needs. For innovation opportunities we use a format called Online Research Communities (ORC). It enables a dialogue with a large number of selected customers in order to collect their spontaneous and reflected feedback via discussions, surveys or diaries. Similarly, since 16 years Netnography Insights© has established itself as a preferred method among our clients to identify fresh, unbiased and solid insights due to its unobtrusive and empathic nature.

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Create innovative ideas, concepts & business models

We empower you to think, act and be more creative to find ideas and concepts that last.

The HYVE Crowd is a crowdsourcing platform on which companies can generate, develop and test innovative ideas, concepts and solutions. The worldwide community is the heart of the platform and enables an active exchange of ideas about challenges in the fields of engineering, service and design. HYVE’s idea management software also captures, categorizes and prioritizes internally the ideas developed within companies and integrates different groups into an innovation ecosystem, thus enabling the joint development of customer-centric innovation.

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Build & test prototypes

We speed up your path to innovation with validated prototypes

With digital prototyping, we build an early stage visualization of a software solution. Using the principles of design thinking & lean startup, we iterate and test the prototype until all customer needs are discovered and we convert these insights into a digital solution. With the help of our digital consultants and UX / UI experts, we define the relevant features and turn them into a structured visualization based on usability principles.

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Design digital solutions, products & services

We love human centric design and help you bring solutions to life.

Through customer-centric innovation, we create digital services and products that add value. With lean service design processes and agile development methods, we quickly evolve from insight & inspiration to real results. With the use of customer journeys, user stories or service blueprints, we create unique experiences across all touch points.

For software development we use Scrum or Kanban frameworks. Our interdisciplinary software development team has expertise in all current and modern software languages and techniques. We develop MVPs (Minimum Viable Products), mobile apps and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions for our customers.

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Develop inspiring strategies & empower your teams

We define individual innovation strategies and inspire teams to work within an agile framework.

In order to leverage the full innovation potential of our customers, we support them in deriving and formulating their own innovation strategy. We identify specific goals, topics and search fields, define important stakeholders and target groups as well as implement new processes including relevant tools and methods.

Developing an innovation strategy can be done digitally as well: Get to know the platform for Management 4.0 inmanas developed by us and our partner in-manas.

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Our clients' success is what drives us

Our work is not only user-centric, we are also client-centric. Because every client is at the heart of what we do. Together, we create solutions that people need and love.

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Every organization's readiness to take on design and innovation is different.

We enable entire organizations and teams to think and act innovatively through empowerment labs. Depending on your objectives, our innovation experts design a tailor-made framework for your challenge.

Workshop & Sprint

Our one-day or multi-day workshops do not only teach innovation methods. We look for actual problems and questions, innovative ideas and market solutions, we create ideas and concepts and stimulate creativity. In a sprint, the solutions are implemented and validated by user tests using prototypes. The format is suitable for clients who are facing a problem and want to obtain validated results in a short period of time.

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Ideation session design sprints

Innovation as a Service Project

While in the other formats your team is strongly involved in the innovation process, we also offer innovation as a service. In the areas of market and user research, our multidisciplinary teams investigate previously defined questions in netnographies, expert and lead user interviews or online research communities. But you can also place the challenge of innovation in the hands of our product and industrial design and software teams.

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Innovation Lab

In the Corporate Innovation Lab, our clients can experiment with new ideas and business models outside of their corporate walls and develop innovations in a short period of time. In this innovation process, the participants are accompanied by our experts. Underlying user problems are analyzed, new trends, technologies and best practices provide inspiration and customer-centric experimentation and validation result in innovative ideas, concepts and business models. Together with designers and software developers, we create prototypes or even production-ready products.

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Innovation needs collaboration

We provide our customers with access to a unique innovation ecosystem that includes market researchers, designers and strategists, experts, start-ups, universities, AI experts, factory partners and of course our HYVE Crowd of more than 8,000 innovators.

HYVE Crowd

HYVE Startups

HYVE Clients

Academic Partners

AI Partners

Expert Network

Factory Partners


Partner Network

HYVE Crowd

With the HYVE Crowd, we give our clients access to a growing, diverse and creative community of over 8,000 members who provide ideas and solutions for various challenges.

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Innovation Science

Proven track record

With over 350 scientific publications, teaching at 54 universities around the world and numerous research collaborations, we are pioneers in innovation science. We are always at the forefront of innovation research in order to be able to innovate ahead of the curve. We work closely with leading universities and institutions. Whether they are studies, courses, seminars, keynotes or publications – we make our academic and practical knowledge accessible for everyone.

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We make industries ready for the future

We are innovators across all industries. From global corporations to small and medium-sized companies, we take up your challenge. Benefit from our global and transversal expertise in innovation.

Dive into our success stories!

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