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GRIDBOARD carbon longboard 2019-09-02T13:14:59+00:00

 HYVE Gridboard
design, concept & prototyping of a carbon longboard

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The Gridboard is an innovative longboard deck made out of 100 % carbon fiber – a light weight high-tech material that is often used in the aviation or automobile industry.

It combines best characteristics like ideal stiffness, robustness, durability and lightweight. This is due to its unique grid structure and the optimized aligned carbon fibers. The extraordinary shape and the lattice structure is essential for a perfect distribution of pressure, inspired by natural forms and shapes like the construction of leaves, insect wings and bones.
Besides technical advantages the Gridboard also offers a special cruising experience, because while cruising you also see the ground. Due to the drop-construction you are close to the ground, which allows you to push with little effort. It is agile with the short wheelbase.

Out of the HYVE internal project GRIDBOARD arose – besides the ICAROS project – another HYVE start-up-company. Besides the single deck there are selected completes available: speed, cruising and freestyle Gridboards equipped with trucks by the cologne manufacturer BOLZEN and different wheels by the californian producer ORANGATANG.

For its innovative application of the material carbon the Gridboard has been awarded with the Materialica Silver Award 2014, furthermore the design has been honoured with the German Design Award Special 2016.



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