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May 16th 2024, 4-5 pm CET



Crowdsourcing Webinar – Technology seeks application

Find the right problem for your solution!

The innovation process does not always follow the ideal path from problem to solution. Sometimes you already have a good solution or technology ready and just don’t know where you can use it. A structured process can help to identify applications in markets outside your own cosmos that enable new use cases and sales opportunities. Methods such as open innovation and crowdsourcing can offer a great opportunity to receive input from outside and then validate it.

Whether it’s generating new ideas, identifying use cases for your technologies, or validating your internal concepts. The shared knowledge of a crowd makes the use of idea platforms the perfect addition to your innovation process.

Why is the Technology-seeks-application approach relevant for you?

In today’s dynamic business world, characterized by complexity, speed, uncertainty, and the pressure to demonstrate a rapid return on investment with innovation projects, our technology-addiction-application approach gives you a multitude of advantages:

  1. Open up new (sales) markets: Identifying new use cases allows you to tap into new markets that go beyond existing applications and offer new target groups added value with a new value proposition that current solutions cannot provide.
  2. Cost-effective expansion on existing assets: There are often a number of great technologies lying dormant in your own company that are only used for one or a few purposes. Extending the use of what you already have is a cost-effective way to grow.
  3. Time-to-market and speed: If the technology is already available, you save yourself time-consuming development projects and can enter the innovation process at a later stage of development. Thanks to a standardized process and the use of crowdsourcing, you can quickly discover a variety of new applications and identify new markets.
  4. Diversity of ideas and perspectives: With access to a wide range of people through crowdsourcing and a broad network of experts, companies can access a diverse range of ideas in different industries and validate them quickly.

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Our webinar is ideal for you, when you

  • you have an innovative technology and are looking for use cases and areas of application
  • you are looking for a structured way to quickly identify new lucrative applications and markets
  • you want to be inspired by real-life case studies
  • you want to get more out of your company’s existing capabilities and technologies
  • you are a business developer, researcher, customer insight expert, innovation manager or marketeer
  • you feel responsible for the future of your company

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Webinar Hosts

kroeger niclas

Niclas Kröger

HYVE – a Qvest company


As Head of Operations, Niclas Kröger is responsible for optimizing internal processes in addition to the crowdsourcing area.
He completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Technology Management at the Technical University of Munich and is currently working on his doctorate at the University of Innsbruck. His current research focuses on innovation in a hybrid working environment.

Florian Then

HYVE – a Qvest company


Florian Then is a Senior Innovation Consultant at HYVE and in his role in the Strategy & Empowerment Team he helps companies to find new applications for existing technologies. He holds a Masters in International Business Management from Newcastle University and is the founder of a successful fashion startup.

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