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June 6th, 2024 | 4.30-5.30 pm CET



Sustainable Transformers Talk – Future- ready edition

How future images help us to recognize new opportunities

HYVE’s Sustainable Transformers Talk is entering its eighth round and you are cordially invited to attend.

Are you ready to shape the future? Then you’ve come to the right place! Dive into our next event where we explore the exciting connection between sustainability, circularity, and future pictures.

Circularity holds immense potential for shaping a sustainable future across various sectors. Learn more about the future potential of circularity and its ability to integrate economic, environmental, and social objectives, creating a more resilient and sustainable global economy.

What you can expect:

An insight on

  • how pictures of the future can help you recognize opportunities in the world of sustainability & discuss what we can do today to be successful in the future,
  • how companies can see sustainability as an opportunity and possibility, away from the perception of it as an additional burden, and how we can get others excited about it again,
  • how we can empower people to think beyond the company (keyword circularity) & how to open up new markets together with partners.

You can look forward to fascinating discussions and practical insights that will enrich you with new ideas and perspectives! Register now and be part of the initiative for a more sustainable future!


Host und Speaker

Rebekka Bogner – Host

HYVE – the innovation company

Rebekka Bogner is an innovation consultant at HYVE. She studied Intercultural & Innovation Management and Social & Sustainable Entrepreneurship. She loves to inform, connect and inspire people through events and other interactive formats. Rebekka believes that innovation and entrepreneurship can be powerful forces to make a difference and solve real world problems. This is what motivates her in her work at HYVE, where she brings her creativity and passion to sustainable projects.

Cathrin Tenbrinck – Guest

Program Manager Sustainability at Siemens

Cathrin Tenbrinck is a studied mathematician, began her professional career in the SAP environment and joined Siemens in 2014 as an IT business consultant.

In 2021 she seized the opportunity taking over responsibility of IT sustainability. In this capacity, she played a pivotal role in integrating sustainability into Siemens IT strategy.

Since last year Cathrin serves as the program manager for sustainability and circularity within the Technology and Innovation Management. In this role, Cathrin collaborates closely with cross-functional experts to shape Siemens’ overall sustainability portfolio. Moreover, she spearheads the company-wide Circularity Community, driving the organization’s transformation towards a circular economy. Outside her professional endeavors, she is a dedicated leader of a family business, working hand in hand with her husband raising their four children.

Niclas-Alexander Mauss

Co-founder CIRCULAR REPUBLIC at UnternehmerTUM


Niclas-Alexander Mauss is co-founder of CIRCULAR REPUBLIC at UnternehmerTUM, Europe’s largest center for innovation and entrepreneurship. A decade in the manufacturing industry, the mechanical engineer helped shape the substantial growth and fundamental transformation of the medium-sized German measurement technology company Lorenz Meters to a multi-award-winning circular economy pioneer.

In the course of his doctorate at the Technical University of Munich, he initiated CirculaTUM as now largest Circular Economy research hub in Germany, embedding circularity as a major strategic pillar of the university. Parallelly, he built up and led a new incubator at UnternehmerTUM, now counting +50 startups among its alumni. As Co-Founder of CIRCULAR REPUBLIC, he is driven to contribute to large-scale industrial transformation.

Niclas has lived and worked in five countries including Singapore and Israel, and is fluent in German, English, French and Italian.

Sustainable HYVE

HYVE believes in the power of sustainable innovation. We support companies in all sectors to integrate sustainable methods into their ideas, concepts, and products. Together we create innovations for a desirable future.

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