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HYVE’s Sustainable Transformers Talk enters the fifth round

ESG Reporting – from regulation to innovation

The new year has just started and there are many new requirements and guidelines on their way. We’ll cover all you need to know regarding the new sustainability reporting directives.

Plus, we’ll discuss how you can utilize regulations as a source of innovation. Let’s reframe challenges into opportunities: We believe sustainability is a vast playfield for innovation. There are many possibilities to innovate products & services that help you reach your ESG targets and are aligned with the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit.

In the long run, many companies (even SMEs) will need to report on their societal & environmental efforts, so now is the time to act.

What you can expect:

  • Insights into the new directives when it comes to ESG reporting and what that means for you and your company
  • How you can turn challenges into innovation opportunities  
  • How companies are dealing with these topics right now & what you can learn from it

We believe change can only happen when many work towards the same goals. Are you in?

Our guests and speakers

Rebekka Bogner – Host

HYVE – the innovation company

Rebekka Bogner is an innovation consultant at HYVE. She studied Intercultural & Innovation Management and Social & Sustainable Entrepreneurship. She loves to share, connect and inspire people through events and other interactive formats. Rebekka believes that innovation and entrepreneurship can be powerful forces to make a difference and solve real-world problems. This is what motivates her in her work at HYVE, where she brings her creativity and passion to sustainable projects.

Matthias Kessler – Host

Institute for Innovation and Change Methodology (IICM)

Matthias Kessler is co-CEO and managing partner of the Institute for Innovation and Change Methodologies (IICM). Whenever people need to change their behavior, IICM comes into play. The triggers can be many, but sustainability is the most important for him. Matthias has a degree in communication design and has worked in the innovation environment for 12 years. He is a Design Thinker by background and Senior Advisor with a focus on transformation and communication.

Atlan Günsoy – Speaker

Global Climate GmbH

“Leaving a world worth living in for future generations is what drove us to found GLOBAL CLIMATE”.

Atlan’s vita as a tax consultant gave rise to the idea of automatically converting accounting data into CO2 data in order to make corporate emissions measurable at any time. The GLOBAL CLIMATE software solutions promise absolute audit security and are always adapted to the latest regulations and laws.

Altan Günsoy studied law in Mannheim, business administration in Stuttgart and was appointed as a tax consultant. He is the founder of a tax consulting company with 4 offices, book author, keynote speaker, B.A.U.M. award winner 2021 in the category digitalization and member of the sustainability advisory board of the NWB.

Dr. Anja Eisenreich

Circular Innovation Expert

Dr. Anja Eisenreich is a circular economy expert specialized on circular innovation and circular strategy development. She has an MBA from the TUM School of Management and worked as a strategy consultant for the Boston Consulting Group. Since 2015 she has been specializing on circular economy and wrote her PhD about circular innovation management. In 2021 Anja joined the BSH Home Appliances Group as project manager circular economy and is responsible for the circular strategy development in the company. She is strongly engaged in supporting the economic change towards a circular economy and is regularly contributing to the topic as keynote speaker and author of academic literature.

Sustainable HYVE

HYVE has always supported the interplay between business innovation and sustainability. We know that technological development and demand for sustainable innovation are key drivers of revenue growth for companies in all industries, and we are supporting more and more companies on their journey to sustainability. We have always promoted ideas, concepts, and products that are commercially viable through environmentally conscious design and practices.

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