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HYVE’s Sustainable Transformers Talk enters the fourth round

The end of the year is a great time to reflect and set the right focus for the following year. That’s why we’re excited to wrap up this year discussing sustainability as a mindset & transformation topic. This time, we’re co-hosting the talk with Institute for Innovation and Change Methodology (IICM). We welcome experienced speakers who will share their lessons learned in driving sustainability within corporations, as well as at a personal level.

As more and more people and companies are aware of the planetary changes, dynamics, and upcoming regulations – we’re focusing a lot on the external forces and impacts. Yet, to drive sustainable change, we also need to look inwards: how do we bring others along on this journey? What are the values, assumptions, and beliefs we live and share, and how do we shape them?

In this talk, we’ll discuss the following questions:

  • How can you drive sustainability from within?
  • How can you ensure you get people on board?
  • What are the obstacles/ watch-outs when wanting to push for sustainability?
  • What can you, personally, do to be and drive the change?

We believe that sustainability is a huge playfield where many views, expertise, and approaches are needed, so we’re looking forward to discussing this with you!

Get showered with inspiration from our experts & thought leaders!  

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Our guests & your hosts

Rebekka Bogner – Host

HYVE – the innovation company

Rebekka Bogner is Innovation Consultant at HYVE. She studied intercultural & innovation management and social & sustainable entrepreneurship. She loves exchanging with others, connecting and inspiring people through events and other interactive formats. Rebekka believes that innovation and entrepreneurship can be used as a powerful force to create impact and solve real-world problems. This is what motivates her in her work at HYVE, where she brings in her creativity and passion for sustainable projects.

Matthias Kessler – Host

Institute for Innovation and Change Methodology (IICM)

Matthias Kessler is Co-CEO and Managing Partner at the Institute for Innovation and Change Methodologies (IICM). Whenever people need to change their behavior, IICM comes into play. The triggers can be many and varied, but sustainability is the most important one for him. Matthias holds a degree in communication design and has been working in the innovation environment for 12 years. He is Design Thinker by heart and Senior Advisor with a focus on transformation and communication.

Dr. Jakob Assmann – Speaker

Polarstern & Impact Hub Munich

Dr. Jakob Assmann spent his whole career in the field of sustainability. He co-founded the utility Polarstern, the pioneer for cutting edge energy products for a sustainable energy future, was CEO of Impact Hub Munich, a startup incubator for purpose driven entrepreneurs and advises companies on their way to become more sustainable. Jakob holds a PhD from LMU Munich in Business Administration, has three kids and spends as much as possible in the mountains.

Christiane Uhl – Speaker

Sustainability & Attitude Empowerer

Attitude and Sustainability are essential for Christiane Uhl. She is an advisor to companies integrating both into their strategy and connecting them with their culture. Besides, she empowers individuals to purpose driven decision making.
Christiane holds a State Examination in Law and a Master of Arts in Political Science and Psychology. She was with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) for more than ten years, a Board Member for Marketing & Sales at natural cosmetics company Dr. Hauschka as well as a Managing Director at Paulaner Brewery Group. She has a strong belief, those companies are best in class, who have responsible ambition towards sustainability, shown in strategy, general management, people and organizational development and communication. She loves to go beyond the obvious and has confidence in everyone’s power to show attitude.

What you can expect

  • Get inspired and encouraged by other Sustainable Transformers
  • Learn from our speakers
  • Exchange ideas with like-minded innovation drivers
  • Share experiences, knowledge & dos and don’ts

Sustainable HYVE

Since our beginning, HYVE has supported the interplay between business innovation and sustainability. We know that technological development and demand for sustainable innovation are key drivers of revenue growth for companies in all industries, and we are supporting more and more companies on their sustainable journey. We have always promoted ideas, concepts, and products that are commercially viable through environmentally conscious design and practices.

Be there

Are you wondering about the climatic impact of your company’s everyday business and how to influence it in a positive way? Perhaps sustainability is even part of your job profile and you would like to network and exchange ideas with like-minded peers?

You are WELCOME TO JOIN US on December 8th │ 4:30-5:30 pm

Innovation Manager

You are responsible for innovative initiatives and projects in the company and want to learn from experts.

Digital Transformers

You are an active driver of digitization and digital projects.

Product Manager

You are responsible for a sustainable product line and would like to consider sustainable components.

CEOs & GMs

You want to find new ways for your teams to be more innovative.

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