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Each day, people within and outside a company generate brilliant ideas that can deliver groundbreaking innovations. Unfortunately, most of these ideas are never capitalized on because the company is not using an adequate process or tool.

In two sessions, we talk with idea and innovation management specialists on how to gather ideas and elaborate, filter, evaluate, prototype, and test the most valuable ones. Our first session introduces the world of idea management and innovation communities. In our second session, we are going to talk to Mark Aspinall-Paul from Japan Tobacco International, who just successfully conducted a global idea campaign inside his organization!

​Learn from our guests and their success stories, get inspired by projects, and meet like-minded people – virtually!​

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Want more? We invited Mark Aspinall-Paul to our Podcast "The secret source of innovation".

#1 Webinar

Welcome to the world of Innovationmanagement und Community-based Innovation! Join our crowd-experts and find out:

    • How to set up a community
    • What different types of communities exist
    • Which communities are suitable for specific purposes and needs
    • Which tools you can use
    • How to improve approaches like Design Thinking through community

#2 Webinar

What does it take to launch an innovation campaign in your organization successfully? Together with Mark Aspinall-Paul from JTI, we discuss:

  • What it needs to set up a global idea challenge for 45.000 employees
  • Which factors made the Global Idea Hunt at JTI successful
  • How a recruiting process helped to get everyone on board
  • How an Ambassador Program created awareness
  • What incentives can and can’t do

Look forward to this:

  • A great insight in what makes HYVE’s customer-centric approach to innovation so successful​
  • Get to know state-of-the-art innovation management methods & tools​
  • Knowledge-sharing of thought leaders from other companies ​
  • Find out how agile innovation management can be used to innovate close to the market and minimize the risk of product launches​
  • Experience what interactive and creative work feels like

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Our guest

Mark Aspinall-Paul

Japan Tobacco International

Based in Switzerland, Mark joined JTI (Japan Tobacco International) in 2015 as an Innovation Knowledge and Performance Manager. Since then, he has gained extensive experience in ideation and innovation management, shaping JTI’s innovation management through internal ideation campaigns. His goal is to introduce the latest technology that consumers will love to love by expanding JTI’s capabilities with the collective strength of all colleagues.

Your hosts

koch giordano

Giordano Koch


Giordano has been Managing Director of HYVE since 2014 and is mainly responsible for the area of innovation strategy, digitalization and crowdsourcing. Giordano is supporting numerous companies, from medium-sized businesses to DAX corporations, in their digitization strategy and how to establish innovative formats, approaches and processes such as such Co-Creation, Open Innovation and Innovation Labs.

kroeger niclas

Niclas Kröger


Niclas has been part of HYVE in Munich for over 9 years and is the product owner of the HYVE Crowd – HYVE’s crowdsourcing platform. His passion is to connect innovators and creative minds from all over the world and to enable companies and organizations to adapt to the future. In the past he has worked with BMW, Allianz, Vodafone, DB, Telekom, Fujitsu, Intel, Danone, Lufthansa and many other clients.

Rafael Gerber

HYVE Switzerland

Since 7 years Rafael has been leading innovation projects in various industries and has been helping companies to establish and expand their innovation management. As part of the HYVE Team in Switzerland, he is leading the internal idea campaign of JTI and knows exactly what to look for to achieve the best possible results within this format.


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