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We bring Sustainable Transformers and sustainability experts to the table and discuss with them how companies can consider and implement sustainability in their corporate processes, in their corporate ethics, and in individual projects. We also talk with them about similarities and differences in the pursuit of sustainability.

1 industry – 2 players – 3 rounds

On February, 24th 2022 | 3-4.30 pm we kick off our Sustainable Transformers Round Table series with great speakers from the automotive industry. Learn from a sector that has to tackle huge challenges when it comes to a circular economy, and find out parallels & differences to your sustainability challenges.

We explore the questions of how to act sustainably at the corporate level. What is the difference between green-washing and a truly circular economy, and what does sustainable innovation look like? And how to establish a sustainable corporate culture?

Meet our guests & your host

Anna Goldhofer – Speaker


Anna Goldhofer is sustainability expert & activist. She studied industrial engineering, what creates the basis for her broad understanding of materials, lifecycles, resource management and recycling possibilities. Anna is highly committed to take action, to learn, to empower and to develop solutions which positively impact the future of our planet its people. Her utmost believe is that regarding the state our planet is in, it is important to always question whether what we do in our everyday life has a positive impact on the world.

Johannes Bückle – Speaker

Sono Motors

Johannes Bückle has been Head of Product Development in the Sono Digital team since 2019. He is responsible for the digital journey of Sion owners and for Sono Motors’ shared mobility services: car sharing, power sharing and ride pooling. In this way, he contributes significantly to Sono Motors’ mission to use vehicles as a resource, more efficiently and to reduce the number of cars on the road.
Johannes Bückle looks back on almost ten years of experience in consulting, the automotive industry and start-ups. During this time, he developed several digital services & apps for BMW Mobility Services and Daimler. Johannes graduated in mechanical engineering from the Technical University of Munich. He also completed a Master of Business Administration at the trinational Collège des Ingénieurs.

Rebekka Bogner – Host

HYVE – the innovation company

Rebekka Bogner is Innovation Consultant at HYVE. She studied intercultural & innovation management and social & sustainable entrepreneurship. She loves exchanging with others, connecting and inspiring people through events and other interactive formats. Rebekka believes that innovation and entrepreneurship can be used as a powerful force to create impact and solve real-world problems. This is what motivates her in her work at HYVE, where she brings in her creativity and passion for sustainable projects.

What you can expect

  • Get inspired and encouraged by other Sustainable Transformers
  • Learn from our speakers
  • Exchange ideas with like-minded innovation drivers
  • Share experiences, knowledge & dos and don’ts

Sustainable HYVE

Since our beginning, HYVE has supported the interplay between business innovation and sustainability. We know that technological development and demand for sustainable innovation are key drivers of revenue growth for companies in all industries, and we are supporting more and more companies on their sustainable journey. We have always promoted ideas, concepts, and products that are commercially viable through environmentally conscious design and practices.

Be there

Do you work in the automotive sector and want to experience, how industry giants and start-ups tackle sustainable challenges? Or are you curious about a cross-industrial exchange, and want to learn from other industries?
FEEL WELCOME on February, 24th at 3-4.30 pm!

Innovation Manager

You are responsible for innovative initiatives and projects in the company and want to learn from experts.

Digital Transformers

You are an active driver of digitization and digital projects.

Product Manager

You are responsible for a sustainable product line and would like to consider sustainable components.

CEOs & GMs

You want to find new ways for your teams to be more innovative.

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