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HYVE’s Sustainable Transformers Talk enters the third round

We bring together Sustainable Transformers and sustainability experts to discuss how companies can consider and implement sustainability in their business processes, corporate ethics, and individual projects. We will exchange their common challenges and lessons learned in driving sustainability in their field. 

We’re more than excited to host the 3rd edition of our Sustainable Transformers Talk series with great speakers from the Packaging industry. Learn from a sector that has to tackle enormous challenges regarding a circular economy, exchange with experts and like-minded people & apply cross-industry learnings.  

In this edition, we welcome sustainability and packaging experts from the multinational company Beiersdorf & the exciting startup everdrop & we will discuss all things #packaging #bodycare #formulas #packaging #sustainableculture #change #innovation. 

Join this power hour to explore how to drive sustainable change within organizations. Learn what the key aspects & myths are when it comes to sustainable packaging & developing the correct formulas. Discuss with us what technology & knowledge are already out there and what the main opportunities and challenges are.  

Get showered with inspiration from our experts & thought leaders!  

Our guests & your hosts

Rebekka Bogner – Host

HYVE – the innovation company

Rebekka Bogner is Innovation Consultant at HYVE. She studied intercultural & innovation management and social & sustainable entrepreneurship. She loves exchanging with others, connecting and inspiring people through events and other interactive formats. Rebekka believes that innovation and entrepreneurship can be used as a powerful force to create impact and solve real-world problems. This is what motivates her in her work at HYVE, where she brings in her creativity and passion for sustainable projects.

Adrian Przybill – Speaker


Adrian Przybill is part of the Packaging & Formula Science team since 2020 as a Packaging Expert, exclusively working on the topic of sustainability, with a focus on the interaction between sustainable packaging and formulas.

Adrian looks back at almost ten years of experience in packaging at Beiersdorf. During this time, he worked on promotional packaging in German-speaking countries and later on packaging for the NIVEA shower range on a global level.

After living in India, Russia, the USA and Brazil among other places during his youth, he decided to study packaging technology at Stuttgart Media University, where he additionally completed his master’s degree in Packaging, Design and Marketing in 2013.

Anna Katharina Kamm – Speaker


What drives Anna Katharina Kamm is to help companies fully realize their potential in sustainable action. As Sustainability Manager at everdrop, she takes part in shaping a company that works towards a sustainable future by developing more sustainable household and personal care products. Before that, Anna Katharina gained experience at the RESPOND accelerator of the BMW Foundation, a foresight consultancy and startups in different industries. In her interdisciplinary studies, she focused on the implementation of the SDGs in business with the MSc Humanitarian Engineering (Warwick University, UK).

What you can expect

  • Get inspired and encouraged by other Sustainable Transformers
  • Learn from our speakers
  • Exchange ideas with like-minded innovation drivers
  • Share experiences, knowledge & dos and don’ts

Sustainable HYVE

Since our beginning, HYVE has supported the interplay between business innovation and sustainability. We know that technological development and demand for sustainable innovation are key drivers of revenue growth for companies in all industries, and we are supporting more and more companies on their sustainable journey. We have always promoted ideas, concepts, and products that are commercially viable through environmentally conscious design and practices.

Be inspired

Do you work in the packaging industry and want to learn how industry giants and start-ups tackle sustainable challenges? Or are you curious about a cross-industry exchange and want to learn from other sectors?

Innovation Manager

You are responsible for innovative initiatives and projects in the company and want to learn from experts.

Digital Transformers

You are an active driver of digitization and digital projects.

Product Manager

You are responsible for a sustainable product line and would like to consider sustainable components.

CEOs & GMs

You want to find new ways for your teams to be more innovative.

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