We Make BORA Cool! On the Development of a Refrigerator and Freezer Series

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In the world of premium kitchens, BORA has long made a name for itself, known for innovative extraction systems and exceptional cooking experiences. Now, BORA opens a new chapter in its success story with the introduction of the BORA Cool refrigerator and freezer series. Together with the BORA product development team and Imago Design, we embarked on a journey to the North Pole – from the cooking experience to the cooling experience – and had the privilege of designing this new category of appliances.

Breaking New Ground: Rethinking the Kitchen Holistically

In a time when the kitchen is no longer just a place for cooking and individual kitchen products, but a living space, a holistic approach is indispensable. Coordinated modern appliances are key to a seamless cooking experience and a cohesive aesthetic.

The cooking process begins long before the first pot of water is set to boil; ingredients need to be purchased, stored, and preserved perfectly. This necessity prompted BORA to venture beyond their traditional field of cooktop extraction systems and dive into the new world of cooling and freezing appliances.

The Challenge: The Central Storage

BORA recognized that the use of cooling appliances is more diverse than it seems at first glance. From fruits and vegetables to cheese and birthday cakes – everything needs its place. The philosophy of most refrigerator manufacturers is: More is more. There is a module for everything, whether it’s needed or not. Often, these modules are designed for a single use-case or only accommodate standard sizes.
BORA Cool emphasizes intelligence and flexibility to meet every cooling need. Moving away from modular uniform solutions with a chaos of plastic parts to a tidy interior!

Our Approach: From Usage Scenarios to Personas

The design team at HYVE delved deeply into the topic, identifying and analyzing usage scenarios, design potentials, and technical possibilities.

Based on this analysis, an ideation phase began to develop initial ideas and sketches for the individual segments and functional areas of the refrigerator.

To ensure the first designs didn’t remain on paper, HYVE’s designers created prototypes that allowed us to test the intended products in the real environment of a refrigerator. Subsequently, sketches and prototypes were converted into 3D data, appropriate materials were selected, and details were refined in an iterative process. At the end of the concept phase, a fully equipped refrigerator emerged as a works-like and looks-like model – perfect for gathering initial customer feedback and advancing product development.

BORA Cool – Rethinking the Refrigerator

At the end of the journey was a completely newly developed refrigerator interior.

First impressions count, and BORA Cool does not disappoint. Upon opening the door, users are greeted by a pleasant lighting concept that highlights their food. Thanks to innovative technology featuring a built-in odor filter system with the BORA logo at the top of the refrigerator, unpleasant smells are effectively neutralized, while intelligent zoning ensures order and overview, helping users store ingredients in the right cooling zones.

A Highlight in the Interior

The heart of BORA Cool is the BORA Fresh zero tubs, which, together with sorting troughs, ensure that fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer. Bottles and special shapes are also considered, so everything finds its place; a multi-mat allows for easy stacking.

A highlight of the interior is a serving trey made of real wood, on which snack ingredients can be stored and served directly from the refrigerator to the table.

Flexibility Down to the Last Detail

The door of BORA Cool is a true space-saving marvel. An innovative multi-suspension allows for the suspended storage of herbs and other foods above the bottle holder, while storage boxes for food and prepared ingredients offer maximum flexibility.

Other holders can also be used flexibly – for example, a cool multi-spikes allows for simple storage of eggs and sachet bags.

BORA Cool – A New Era of Cooling in the Kitchen of the Future

The kitchen of tomorrow will be characterized by intelligent solutions that make everyday life easier and elevate the cooking experience to a new level. From connected appliances and smart kitchen assistants to sustainable materials and customizable options – the kitchen of the future will be a place of innovation and inspiration, perfectly tailored to the needs of its users. With the new BORA Cool refrigerator, this vision of the future is one step closer. BORA Cool is not only a technical masterpiece but also a design object that seamlessly integrates into any modern kitchen. With its clean lines, high-quality materials, and thoughtful details, it sets aesthetic accents and underscores the modern character of any kitchen.

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