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Smart products are transforming the physical world into a globally connected information system. Innovations emerge and grow in connected software, collaborative platforms, and the virtual world. We help you overcome the challenges of digital product development, services, and processes with our tools’ proper selection and use.

Digital Strategy Design with in:manas

Use a digital strategy process with proven analytical, conceptual and executive tools to direct your strategy efforts.

In-manas breaks down the complexity of strategic endeavors into analytical, conceptual and executive tasks, while providing the instruments and methods to tackle them in a stringent process. With its digital platform, your strategy project can easily involve the relevant people anywhere in your organization and enable a joint effort to create and implement your strategy. Visit in:manas. 

Innovation Management Software

Organize your internal innovation process with the leading innovation management solution to spark the innovative strength of your employees, users and partners. HYPE Enterprise is a feature-rich innovation management platform with an elegant and intuitive user interface. From trend scouting to the idea implementation, HYPE Enterprise supports every step of your innovation process.
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Online Research Communities

Identify user needs and innovation opportunities or get quick feedback on each concept. Long-term ORCs (also known as customer advisory boards) allow stakeholders to receive quick feedback on every concept and suggestions for development as well as to identify unmet user needs or new innovation opportunities. Find out more about Online Research Communities. 


Innovate together with over 8.500 users and experts to generate hundreds of fresh ideas, find the most attractive use cases and validate any idea overnight. The crowd allows you to solve technical and operational problems with external stakeholders who think creatively and outside of the box. You can find breakthrough use cases for your technologies to diversify your portfolio or validate concepts and ideas by flexibly gathering qualitative feedback.
Find out more about Crowdsourcing with HYVE or visit our HYVE Crowd!

Online Ideation and Co-Creation Tools

Our experts and workshop moderators work with you in digital rooms to develop ideas and concepts, find new business models, create syntheses, coordinate interest groups and make the right decisions. Digital co-creation tools promote the flow of the participants, the level of detail of the ideas, but also fun and effectiveness. As part of an online ideation, we ensure that every participant remains motivated and active all the time. Our tasks are diverse, and with selected tools and methods we lead teams online through the design thinking process.

Foresight and Scouting with innosabi

The foundation of every successful innovation program is foresight. Understand trends and emerging technologies to make the right decisions and focus on the most relevant developments. That’s why we join forces with innosabi  in a new consulting format. We want to combine our innovation expertise with the data and capabilities of innosabi Insight to help you gain the best possible intel. To celebrate the start of this new collaboration, we offer a limited trial to experience this new format first-hand. Or as we like to call it: “Test Drive”! Let us take you on this journey and see for yourself how the right exploration approach and AI-assisted data analytics can empower planning and decision-making in innovation.

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