#CrowdfightsCorona – together against COVID-19!

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Never before has a virus had such globally comparable and holistic effects: hardly any area of life and work, social interaction and the economy remains untouched. We are facing a social challenge worldwide that we are beginning to recognize, but certainly cannot yet fully assess. We notice the effects every day, both privately and professionally: social distancing, initial restrictions, extensive (support) measures, changes in work routines.

The COVID 19 pandemic presents us with innumerable challenges. But also opportunities! For some we find solutions ourselves, others need a joint commitment and a collaborative effort. Therefore we have created #CrowdfightsCorona. HYVE helps you to solve your challenges!

8,500 creative minds for your greatest challenge

Under the pressure of the current developments, we are making our 8,500 members of the HYVE Crowd Community available free of charge until June, in order to jointly solve questions about COVID 19. – From general to concrete solutions to fight the virus or to improve the own current operational situation to new structures, approaches and tools that help the community to better deal with the situation.

Whether it’s opening up new business areas, identifying new ways of working and tools, developing new applications for existing technologies or resources, medical or nursing ideas, suggestions for social participation in the federal government’s measures – share your most burning issue with the crowd, work together on solutions and benefit from the wisdom of the many.

Johann Füller, CEO HYVE

You have an idea or a challenge?

Then use “the power of the crowd” to find solutions together! The HYVE Crowd is open to companies, foundations, associations, universities, clubs, and governments, but also private individuals.

With the concentrated global expertise from various fields, the HYVE Crowd can help to make a positive contribution in the development of innovations to combat corona and its consequences .

Niclas Köger, Owner der HYVE Crowd

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