HYVE Austria nominates Christoph Janach as new Managing Director 

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For many years, HYVE has been active and successful on the Austrian market with its services in the innovation sector; many well-known clients, including Verbund, OMV, OEBB, RBI, Kapsch CarrierCom, MAM, Pöttinger and Fronius, rely on HYVE’s extensive expertise and services.

A Powerhaus of Innovation  

Since our foundation in 2000, HYVE has been an innovation pioneer and a leading think tank in the field of co-creation. Based in Gran Canaria, Jakarta, with HYVE Switzerland and HYVE Austria, HYVE has an international team with excellent expertise and skills in innovation management, market research, innovation design, product development as well as software solutions.  

2018 Founding of HYVE Innovation Austria 

In November 2018, HYVE expanded its internationalization with the establishment of HYVE Austria and an office in Vienna. The local team ensures that HYVE can provide the required proximity and flexibility in innovation projects for Austrian customers. In cooperation with Munich, the End2End services can thus also be offered in Vienna. In addition, the Viennese labor market is very attractive with local universities and educational institutions.

With our excellent contacts at the Vienna University of Technology and the Vienna University of Economics and Business, we are able to identify and attract outstanding new colleagues.

Dr. Giordano Koch, Managing Director HYVE

2022 New lineup – with familiar faces

In the summer of 2022, Christoph Janach will succeed as site manager and managing director in the management of HYVE Innovation Austria.  

Christoph Janach studied innovation management and marketing at the Austrian Marketing University. After graduating, he worked at Mindshare, looked after customers such as Red Bull and Ja! natürlich, and was mainly responsible for the communication strategy of Raiffeisen, Austria’s largest bank. He deepened his enthusiasm for innovative projects in Big Data Management projects.  
With his experience in innovation management and innovation strategy consulting, he joined HYVE Innovation Austria in 2020. Venture building, strategy projects, and innovation workshops are all in expert hands with Janach. 

I am fascinated by digital communication and technological innovation that involves consumers, inspires them and creates an emotional bond with a brand. I am driven every day to advance and exploit this potential in and with the Austrian market. We are eager to develop further in the domestic market, to integrate new technologies into the innovation process and to implement them in companies – from large corporations to start-ups.

Christoph Janach, Managing Director HYVE Innovation Austria
Prof. Dr. Johann Füller, Christoph Janach, Tina Reitmeier, Dr. Giordano Koch

We are happy to have Christoph, an experienced innovation and strategy player, as the new head of our Vienna office.

Prof. Dr. Johann Füller, Founder and CEO of HYVE

Christoph Janach’s objective for the coming months and years is to establish HYVE even more strongly as the leading partner of Austrian industry, focused on customer-centric innovations.  

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