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flexi VARIO – when design becomes the recipe for success

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In 91 countries millions of satisfied dog owners use the flexi roll leash. It is full of innovative ideas, patented technology and exclusive craftsmanship. Since 2010 flexi is one of the “brands of the century”. In cooperation with flexi, HYVE developed the design language of the new, expandable line system of the VARIO line.

Product design to meet the needs of the four- and two-legged consumer

The unique advantage of the flexi leash is that it gives space to the dog’s natural urge to move and explore without restricting the dog’s safe control. Especially where free running of the dog is not allowed or inappropriate, the flexi leash makes running the dog a mutually relaxed experience.

HYVE followed this claim in the design of the flexi VARIO line and combined soft, organic shapes and well-balanced proportioned surfaces with deliberately dynamic lines.

Details such as the new patented short-stroke brake system fit seamlessly into the harmonious design and perfect the high-quality and ergonomic overall impression of the VARIO family.

The design language was applied to different sizes with great care and attention to detail. Each line – from size XS to L – meets the highest demands in terms of handling and ergonomics, while belonging to the VARIO family always remains unmistakable.

The roller leashes are available in seven colour combinations and can be adapted to the requirements of the owner with various features such as shock-absorbing belts, LED lighting systems or multi boxes. In this way, the VARIO system offers the optimum solution for every dog lover.

innovative flexi vario hundeleine
The flexi VARIO roller leash with an integrated multi box

Award-winning industrial design

The VARIO family designed by HYVE received the reddot Award for product design in 2014 and the product design award in 2014.

The awards are a great acknowledgement that we not only understand customized innovation, but really create it. We build innovative and successful solutions that people need and love and our success proves: people do love them indeed. We work closely linked with scientific and technological findings and adapt them agilely and convergently to our designs.

Gerd Schwarz, Managing Director HYVE

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