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MAN – how Industrial Design takes the lead in deep water

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If our design is so high-speed that it has won several awards, we know: we have developed the new, ingenious solution together with the customer.

MAN – 175D or how to redesign a ship’s diesel engine

With the 175D engine family, MAN Diesel & Turbo SE is expanding its product portfolio downwards and for the first time offering a modular solution for smaller workboats and ferries as well as larger private yachts. With its clarity and emotionality in design, MAN is setting new standards. Important MAN brand values are communicated, which makes the engine family stand out clearly from the competition.

For the first time in the history of Augsburg-based MAN Diesel & Turbo SE, industrial designers were involved in the development of a new engine class. The customer needs collected in advance by MAN were anchored in the development process in the best possible way. In close cooperation between MAN Engineering and HYVE, an engine family was created that is distinguished by its visual clarity and structure of the individual components. The direct design of the engine parts can be implemented in production at no cost.

Customer Centricity through the whole development process

The few cladding elements primarily fulfil important safety-relevant functions and give the engine a compact appearance thanks to the integrative design concept. By consistently avoiding hazardous points such as hot parts or high-pressure lines in the design concept of the unit, every operator can work safely and, by color-coding maintenance-relevant components, immediately recognizes where he needs to go to work.

The MAN 175D is compact, reliable and efficient – features that are critical for use on workboats to ensure safe manoeuvrability in the most difficult and harsh weather conditions.

The business case behind this must also be right for the customer. And here the engine not only sets standards in fuel consumption. Our goal is to make the MAN 175D the most efficient engine in its entire lifetime.

Dr. Matthias Schlipf, MAN Project Manager

In April 2015, the ship’s diesel received the reddot award 2015 for its design and is also the German Design Award Winner 2016.

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