Management 4.0 – how in-manas is shaping the digital future of management

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Digital transformation is changing modern management and presenting companies with new challenges. Business analyses and decisions are increasingly based on data-driven parameters. The same applies to innovation processes in the company! In order for strategy and innovation work to remain competitive for the future, digitization potential must be leveraged. This trend is revolutionizing traditional management consulting, as decision-makers will be able to independently boost the performance of their own company with the help of intelligent digital solutions in the future. We supported in-manas in the development of such a digital solution – from the idea to the management software.

Challenge accepted: Digital strategy development with in-manas

Creating and enhancing value and supporting companies in their digital transformation has always been the mission of in-manas.  Technological change now increasingly requires the combination of new technologies and established business processes. In order to continue to optimally accompany companies as a strategic partner, in-manas focused on one vision: the development of the world’s first Management 4.0 software and a digital strategy process with proven analytical and conceptual management tools to channel strategy efforts and thus ensure companies a knowledge advantage over the competition in a progressive way.

To do this, the digital management assistant should break down the complexity of strategic endeavors into analytical, conceptual, and executive tasks, while providing the tools and methods to address them in a stringent process. With its digital platform, all people from the organization relevant to the strategy project should be easily involved and enable a collaborative effort to create and implement a strategy.

Methods defined: lean, agile & customer-centric

To develop the management software together with in-manas, we at HYVE relied on the proven principles of our way of working.

Design Thinking with a focus on idea generation to understand complex problems and put the user in focus. The underlying collaborative way of working enabled the best results for in-manas.

Lean Start-up focused on accelerated feasibility testing based on hypothesis-driven business experimentation, validated learning, and data-driven decision-making. Through prototypes and an MVP, various use cases for in-manas were validated and prioritized. Information from the validation led to the prioritization of individual work packages relevant to the market.

Agile Development transitioned the collaborative way of working into actual product development. This enabled our innovation experts to quickly add value as well as be responsive to change.

We help our clients answer the right questions at the right time because we know that it is difficult not to think in terms of solutions. Because we believe that success is closely linked to user engagement and that you need to minimize resource use and risk.

Dr. Giordano Koch, Managing Director HYVE

Hot phases – in seven steps to Management Software 4.0

Together with in-manas, we thus developed the idea and the concept, supported in the development of an idea sketch up to a detailed concept. To do this, we first designed prototypes to determine the most relevant use case. This use case was then programmed as an MVP with a stored database. Further features were prototyped in advance and tested in numerous tests with end users (visual prototypes) and then implemented iteratively through agile development (SCRUM).

In concentric iterations towards success

  1. Analysis phase
  • Elaboration of the basic parameters of the idea
  • Research of competitors or similar products currently on the market
  • Defining the end-user and initial potential use cases
  • Creation of a roadmap for an MVP based on available time and money resources

2. Concept phase

  • Listing of all functionalities and technical requirements, such as responsiveness, accessibility, security and all other aspects that the software must fulfill
  • Converting the idea into a defined concept for implementation using paper prototypes
  • Definition of use cases & customer journey for the MVP

3. User experience phase

  • Development of digital wireframes as the first visualization of the product for testing the functionalities
  • Creation of a digital use case consisting of a linked framework of all relevant places, the structure as well as the functionalities and content

4. Visual design phase

  • High-fidelity presentation of the product according to UI and UX principles and presentation of relevant features based on validated wireframes
  • Creating a user-friendly interface that captures the attention of end users
  • Converting each screen into a clickable dummy to test the interaction experience

5. Proof of concept phase

  • Development of a prototype with a specific use case to validate technical feasibility
  • Specific use case: chatbot with artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically interact with the end user based on the results of an analysis of their industry

6. MVP phase

  • Development of an initial MVP with core functionality: strategic analysis and a detailed report with the results, invitation module and three different roles
  • Testing of the final functionality
  • Definition of improvements for the next iterations
  • Validation of market acceptance

7. Agile product development phase

  • Agile product development using the Scrum framework
  • 3-week sprints with a set of defined functionalities with the goal of improving the product after each update
  • Team consisting of three back-end developers, two front-end developers, two UX/UI designers and a product owner
  • Conduct experiments with end users to validate the new features before adding them to the sprint backlog
Keeping track: our Miro Board at the end of the development phases

Outcome – a digital assistant for strategy and management tasks

The in-manas platform includes questionnaires, evaluations, tools, methods, and processes to handle strategic consulting completely online.

Digitalization and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing more and more areas of management consulting. With our software products for consultants, networks and companies, we enable the step into the future: into the era of Consulting 4.0.

Dr. Franz Bailom, CEO and founder in-manas

In-manas breaks down the complexity of strategic endeavors into analytical, conceptual, and execution tasks and provides the tools and methods to address them in a stringent process. With its digital platform, a strategy project can easily involve the relevant people in the organization and enable a collaborative effort to create and execute the strategy. Intelligent algorithms, best-in-class management tools, open management logics, and a smart trend and innovation database enable companies to become faster, more agile, and more innovative.

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