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Explore your AI opportunities

Artificial intelligence: driver of the next big change. Some companies are still dealing with changes caused by digitalization while others are already pursuing an AI strategy, but the development skills behind it are often missing. For a profitable use of the promising new technology it is essential to have a basic know-how or a basic intuition for the possibilities of this technology. In our Sprint, we develop  a long-term, user-oriented strategy for your AI corporate goal.

About the AI Sprint

We have designed a compact approach tailored to the needs of data driven innovation and provide you the knowledge and guidence to identify, describe and evaluate AI opportunities within your organization.

Our team consisting of AI engineers, data scientists, design thinkers and innovation strategists bring the diverse skill set to the table.

About the sessions:

  • Educate & Explore (Day 1)
    We empower your team to identify
    AI opportunities

  • Research & Refine (remote)
    We check your internal data 
    and collect possible usecases

  • Ideate & Evaluate (Day 2)
    Create desirable and feasable ideas

    utilizing your data assets

The price depends on the group size. Further information on request.

Meet your AI coaches

Dr. Volker Bilgram

Dr. Volker Bilgram is Managing Director of HYVE Innovation Research and Head of the Artificial Intelligence Initiative at HYVE. He supports customers such as Audi, BMW, Beiersdorf, Intel and Unilever and ensures with his team that innovation projects are designed in a customer-centric manner and that data is consistently thought through and used both as design parameters for innovations and in business models.

Dr. Marco Maier

Dr. Marco Maier is Head of Artificial Intelligence at HYVE and CTO of the affective computing start-up TAWNY. After his studies of Media Informatics he received his doctorate in Computer Science with a focus on Context-Aware Systems at the LMU Munich and is currently also active as a lecturer in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Dr. Jasmin Vella

Jasmin is a senior innovation manager with more than 10 years of experience at HYVE. Her focus and passion lies in the early stages of new product development – from opportunity seeking over idea finding to concept creation and early prototyping.  She is mainly involved in mid- and long term innovation programs such as innovation labs that tackle disruptive challenges in an interdisciplinary team setup and agile manner.


After the AI sprint you have

  • Knowledge about the fundamentals of AI

  • Portfolio of prioritized ideas ready for prototyping

  • Map of data landscape and relevant best practices

Start your AI journey with us

  • Successful innovators since 2000

  • Experts in customer centric innovation

  • Award-winning work in innovation with AI

  • Collab of AI engineers and design thinkers

For further information, please contact us:

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