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SUNSTAR Virtus eBike 2017-04-03T13:20:06+00:00

 SUNSTAR Virtus iBike
design of the modular drive system


Detachable, Modular and Universal: Maximum flexibility with the E-BIKE DRIVE SYSTEM- VIRTUS from Sunstar.

With the Virtus System, drive system manufacturer Sunstar premiers a world’s first! The motor unit of the modular drive system fits almost every standard frame bicycle and can be detached or transferred to another bicycle in a matter of minutes. The only requisite is a multi-sensor controller which can be purchased separately. The 3-in-1 sensor / controller is sending the information to either an LCD Display or a users Smartphone – even without the motor fitted. When combined with a wide range of batteries, virtually every bicycle can be transformed into an E-Bike or Ergometer!



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